1) Introduction

Project Title: Air quality of locations around the SST Campus
Research Topic: How severe is the problem of poor air quality in the SST Campus?

Air quality has been proven to affect the absentee rate of students (Smedje and Norback, 1999). It has also been proven that increased carbon dioxide levels from poor indoor air quality (IAQ) decreased concentration levels in students, compared to those with good IAQ (Myhrvold et al, 1996).

From these two evidences, it is obvious that IAQ is a major factor if a school's students are to be efficient and have a high capacity to learn. Therefore, good IAQ should be a priority in the campus.

There is a guideline to follow in Singapore for IAQ for all buildings, however SST has yet to check this guideline (Ministry of Environment, Institute of Environmental Epidemiology, 1996).

The standards of IAQ have yet to be tested in select locations around the SST Campus, to be compared and contrasted for improvements. That is what we will do.

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