4) Discussion

Highest Level of Oxygen= 19.68% of Total Air in Location (Our Space, and Field)

Highest Level of Carbon Dioxide= 1180 ppm (Outside Geo Lab)

Lowest Level of Oxygen= 19.42% of Total Air in Location (Info Hub)

Lowest Level of Carbon Dioxide= 880 ppm (Geo Lab, Our Space, and Classroom)

Highest Level of Oxygen
The Field has a very high level of oxygen, very possibly due to the fact that it is outdoors.

However, the Our Space is a bit more complicated. It is possible that the Our Space has a smaller environment, and and entrances have a bigger ratio towards the Our Space rather than a large area such as the Indoor Sports Hall, therefore there is more ventilation.

Highest Level of Carbon Dioxide
Outside the Geo Lab, there is no logic.

Lowest Level of Oxygen
The info hub has 2 floors, however only one used entrance, thus there is very little ventilation.

Lowest Level of Carbon Dioxide

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