6) Recommendations

6) Recommendations

There are several methods to improve IAQ, namely improving ventilation in the rooms, adding plants (taking care of the plants can be class responsibility), as well as have the school survey each location's details.

6a) Ventilation

In every indoor room, there is ventilation present to keep air inside the room, so that its occupants may inhale sufficient air. This includes air-conditioning, windows, and air vents. This affects the quality of the air, its humidity and freshness.

In reference to 4) Discussion, Info Hub has the highest amount of Carbon Dioxide because it is fully air-conditioned and closed off from outside air. Therefore, the Info Hub has inadequate ventilation. Studies need to be conducted on the ventilation of each room. For example, Our Space relies more on fans and is open to the Indoor Sports Hall via windows.

6b) Plants

Plants go through the process of photosynthesis, which produces oxygen and food in exchange for carbon dioxide and water under the condition of light.

This means that for improved IAQ (more oxygen), plants can be introduced to the school in each room. As for the conditions required for photosynthesis, students can be educated on the care-taking of plants, teaching them responsibility, biology in plants as well as environmental awareness. They may be required to water the plant, take care of its soil, and may also be allowed to decorate the pots.

Plants are also more natural, giving the classrooms a touch of nature in an urban environment.

6c) Survey by the school

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